How To Get Involved

As a member of the TCFUA you can be involved and make a difference in your workplace and the Union.  If you feel that you would like to be more active in the Union there are a range of different ways you can do this, depending on whether you want to be just a bit more involved or fully active. It’s up to you!

Get involved in TCFUA Projects & Campaigns

The Union has many different campaigns and projects running throughout the year that you may be interested in.  Getting active in one can be anything from putting a poster up in your tearoom, to organizing an event in your workplace. 

There are so many things that you could do:

  • speak to other workers about a union campaign
  • keep workers updated about its progress
  • put up a poster in your tearoom
  • fill in a questionnaire
  • wear a promotional t-shirt
  • organize an event at your workplace or in your community
  • attend a union event
  • come along to a rally in support.

There are many other ways you could be involved, ask your Organiser for more information.  Check out the campaigns section of the website & our State News/ Info section to find out more about our current union campaigns & projects.

Put your name forward as a Contact

You don’t have to be a shop steward to be a contact for the TCFUA.  The Union needs valuable feedback from its members at times.  This can be anything from getting a questionnaire or a letter telling you about a new campaign.  If you volunteer to be a contact that simply means that you are interested in being one of the people to provide us with feedback.  Surveys & questionnaires come with a pre-paid envelope, and it is up to you whether you put your name on it or not, we don’t mind if it’s anonymous.  If you’re interested in becoming a TCFUA contact please let your Organiser know or email info@tcfvic.org.au

Become a Shop Steward

Union stewards advocate on behalf of union members in the workplace. The steward deals with issues before they escalate and tries to negotiate meetings and a resolution. Members rely on the steward to keep them up to date on all Union news and events and reports back on negotiations.  The most important aspect of being a steward is that he or she is an employee's link to the TCFUA.

If you feel that you would make a good TCFUA Shop Steward then speak to your Organiser and follow the steps below:

Step 1

Ask the TCFUA for a Union Nomination form for the notice board.  Submit your name as a candidate for union steward when a window opens.  Usually, members will ask someone to represent them as a steward.

Step 2

If more than one union member nominates a meeting will be arranged by the Union nd a vote will be taken where TCFUA members get to vote for the person that they want as their Shop Steward.