The Textile Clothing Footwear and Leather Industry Advisory Body (TCF& L IAB)

Industry Skills Needs Report – Disclaimer 

This report is produced and published by The Textile Clothing Footwear and Leather Industry Advisory Body. For information produced by the Victorian Government, go to the Skills Victoria website:

Government Initiatives Victorian Skills Pledge

The Victorian Skills Pledge is a key initiative under the government’s Securing Jobs for Your Future – Skills for Victoria policy and is a voluntary commitment by businesses to driving business improvement through appropriate upskilling of their employees. For more information go to:,. 

Taking the Victorian Skills Pledge is open to businesses of all sizes in the private, public and community sectors. It can be done quickly and simply through the online sign-up facility on the Skills Victoria website. 

Skills for Growth

Skills for Growth: the Workforce Development Program provides a team of independent specialists who will work with you – free of charge – to identify your strategic business aims and objectives. For more information go to the Business Victoria website.

Apprentices and Trainees

The Victorian Government and the Australian Government provide a range of incentives and assistance to support individuals and businesses with the uptake and successful completion of apprenticeships and traineeships. The Skills Victoria website has further details.