Help for Retrenched Workers

What do workers get from the TCF-SAP package?

  1. Training dollars

Each worker has access to a nominal $1350 to use for training, job search and employment related expenses. To access this account, workers would have to convince their case manager that the training and job related expense will lead to getting work in the area they really want work in now or in the near future.

  1. Case management

Workers should get a case manager who will assist them with finding work such as, job search, putting in hard copy and electronic applications, interview skills and doing a resume, if they don’t already have one.

  1. Direct marketing

Workers have access to direct marketing with employers. This means that the JSP promotes the worker to an employer and sends out the worker’s resume to potential employers. If a worker is not getting assistance, the advocate or the worker can ask the case manager to give the worker’s resume to the direct marketing team.

  1. Wage subsidy

JSPs can offer a wage subsidy to employers to take a worker on. However, this is available at the JSP’s discretion. A maximum of $10,000 can be used over a six month period.