If you’re looking for makers of workwear or campaign wear, below is a list of TCFUA  approved manufacturers to assist other unions and interested parties in their selection of makers of workwear and campaign wear.

The list identifies if the garments are made by union members with Federal Award conditions or Union Enterprise Agreement conditions.  In addition, the list identifies if the company is accredited under Ethical Clothing Australia. This means that they have not only been accredited to the Code but that they also provide data to the union that shows who does the work and that minimum award conditions at least are applied.

Victorian Companies 

  • A.D.A
  • Bata Shoes
  • Fashion Club Wear
  • Qualitops
  • Tuffa Workwear
  • Blue Gum Pty Ltd

A.D.A – McGoldrick Court, Bendigo and 14 Gaffney Street, Coburg, Vic

Contact: Maverick Spiteri (Operations Manager), Phone 9353 4555.

Union members; Union EBA; Made in Victoria; accredited to Ethical Clothing Australia.

  • Work Jackets - 100% wool or Nomex 
  • Protective Wear - trousers, jackets, shirts, pants, overalls. 
  • All types of Workwear 
  • Protective Vests 
  • Ballistic 
  • Fragmentation 
  • Anti-Stab 
  • Impact 
  • Any type of Safety, Protective, Workwear 
  • All Types of Corporate Wear

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Bata Shoes – 158 Nepean Highway, Mornington, Vic.

Contact: Rick Law, Phone 03 59754111.

Union members; Union EBA Award Protected; Made in Victoria

Note: Some products are now made overseas and imported. It is important that you first check with the company to determine exactly where the products are made and tell them you require Australian made products.

  • Rubber Boots

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Fashion Club Wear – 1/13 Shierlaw Ave, Canterbury, Vic.

Contact: Andrew Minter, Phone 03 9836 3388 or email 

Union members; Federal Award; Made in Victoria.

Uniform Shirts 
Work Pants

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Qualitops – 6 Brex Court, Reservoir, Vic.

Contact: Matt Di Pietro Phone: 03 9041 5062.

Union members; Federal Award; Made in Victoria; Accredited to Ethical Clothing Australia.

  • T-Shirts - Poly Cotton and 100% Cotton 
  • Windcheaters - Crew Neck and V-Neck 
  • Custom made garments
  • Polo Shirts 
  • Rugby Shirts 
  • Athletic Singlets 
  • Tracksuit Pants 
  • Zip Jackets 
  • Skivvies

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Tuffa Workwear – 73 Geddes Street, Mulgrave, Vic.

Contact: John Brown, Phone 03 9590 0900.

Union members; Federal Award; Made in Victoria; Accredited to Ethical Clothing Australia.

  • Coveralls 
  • Bib and Brace Overalls 
  • Trousers and Shorts 
  • Ladies' Pants, Shirts and Tops 
  • Butcher Shirts 
  • Popovers and Pullovers 
  • Windcheaters 
  • Flying Jackets

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Blue Gum Pty Ltd - 16-18 Ceylon Street, Nunawading, Vic

Contacts:  Fiona Rowbury 0401 004 970

                    Rob Howard 0419 556 668

                   Brett Kellerman 03 8873 4444

Union Members, Made and Decorated in Victoria, Accredited member of Ethical Clothing Australia

Specialising in: 

  • Custom Australian Manufacturing
  • Tee Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Work wear
  • Sportswear
  • Rashies
  • Shorts
  • Soft Shell Jackets
  • Stubby holders
  • Promotional products