TCFUA Media Release - Defence Procurement


The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) today welcomed the Federal Government’s commitment not to source camouflage material used in soldiers’ uniforms from China. The TCFUA is urging the government to go further, and immediately rule out any off-shore sourcing of material or uniforms for our defence forces.

This follows media reports today that the camouflage material used in the uniforms – which is currently made by Bruck Textiles in Wangaratta – was potentially to be sourced from China.

Michele O’Neil, National Secretary of the TCFUA, said today, “We need a straight answer from Kevin Rudd and Greg Combet: are they committed to making all of the Australian Defence uniforms here in Australia? There are thousands of jobs in vulnerable regions on the line here. Increasingly Defence is looking for the cheapest option, despite government promises to consider the whole story – such as the real cost to Australia of jobs lost, or quality and availability undermined.”

“I have today met with companies in this industry who paint a disturbing picture of the movement of defence uniforms off shore. This makes no sense for Australia. It compromises jobs, investment and security.”

“I welcome Greg Combet’s announcement regarding the Australian sourcing of camouflage material, however we are looking for the Government to give clear direction to the Defence department so this cannot happen again.”

For further information or comments, please contact: TCFUA National Secretary, Michele O’Neil, on 0419 338 853