TCF Workers Call on Miners to Buy Aussie Made


Workers from the textile, clothing and footwear industry are rallying with their supporters to urge the mining industry to support the local TCF manufacturing industry and local Australian jobs. The workers will protest outside BHP Billiton’s Headquarters in Melbourne.

Textile Clothing & Footwear Union of Australia National Secretary, Ms Michele O’Neil said the workers were calling on the mining companies to commit to purchase their workwear and protective clothing and footwear from ethical Australian manufacturers.

While the mining industry is booming the Australian TCF industry is facing huge pressure from the high Australian dollar, rising raw material costs and reduced retail sales.

The mining industry is making very healthy profits from Australian resources. BHP Billiton alone has seen an 86% increase in net profit and Australian earnings record of $22.48 billion in the financial year 2010/2011.

“Now is the time for the mining industry to give back to their local community and support Australian workers and buy Australian goods.”

The union is also calling for the Federal Government to amend the Fair Work Act to allow for Australian made workwear clauses in Enterprise Agreements. Ms O’Neil said “The Prime Minister says she wants to introduce practical steps to support manufacturing, this is one simple practical step she could take. Both the miners and the Government could today, save real workers jobs.”


What: TCF workers gather in Melbourne’s CBD to urge the mining industry to support the local TCF manufacturing industry
When: Monday, 12 September at 12 noon
Where: Outside BHP Billiton Headquarters
180 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

For further information please contact Jane Westgarth, on 03 96 392955 or
For comment please contact TCFUA National Secretary, Michele O’Neil, on 0419 338 853