Workers at a components supplier to Toyota have been on strike since 1 July 2010.  The workers who are members of the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) say that their employer Kennon Auto have been threatening and intimidating them and trying to force them out of their union – breaching their freedom of Association rights.  The company based in Preston, Melbourne makes interior components, mainly for Toyota cars.

The workers have not received a pay rise since September of 2007.

Michele O’Neil, National and Victorian State Secretary of the Union said today, “Toyota and the Automotive Industry have received many millions of dollars of Federal and State Government Assistance.  Workers made big sacrifices during the Global Financial Crisis – these workers are only asking for a fair deal.  Their employer is trying to introduce unfair and unsafe work practices and cut the long standing wages and conditions which have applied to production workers on the site.”

Ms O’Neil went on to say, “Toyota promotes its ethical credentials and its belief in Corporate Social Responsibility, to have integrity these responsibilities should also extend to their suppliers.

Now is the time for Kennon Auto to sit around the table and fairly negotiate with these workers and their union.”

Media contact: Ms Michele O’Neil, TCFUA National Secretary 03 9639 2955 or 0419 338 853