Ethical Clothing Australia welcomes Labor support

07-Nov-2014 The Victorian Labor opposition has announced that if elected it will provide $2 million over
two years to support Ethical Clothing Australia’s accreditation program.

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is a voluntary accreditation and labelling system that
promotes ethically accredited brands, and assists the local textile, clothing and footwear
(TCF) industry to ensure Australian workers receive fair wages and decent conditions.

Simon McRae, National Manager of ECA said, “We welcome the decision by the Victorian
Labor party to support ECA. ECA’s accreditation program is internationally recognised as
best practise in an industry in which exploitation is endemic. Government support is crucial
to ensuring the Australian TCF industry has an ethical and sustainable future.”

Michele O’Neil, National Secretary, TCFUA said, “We applaud the funding commitment from
the Victorian Labor Party. It will help ECA protect some of Australia’s lowest paid and most
exploited workers. The ECA accreditation program has assisted thousands of homeworkers
in the TCF industry obtain their lawful wages and conditions. ”

Damien Peirce-Grant, Chief Operating Officer of Cue said today “Cue has been a strong
supporter of ECA and making clothes the right way in Australia. Cue works closely with its
manufacturers and works closely with ECA to maintain an ethical workplace. We welcome
this decision by Victorian Labor Party to support ECA.”

With approximately 80 Australian brands and manufacturers already accredited—many of
which are based in Victoria—the funding will enable ECA to continue to work with businesses
across the TCF industry.

This means ECA can continue to help businesses keep their Australian-based supply chains
transparent and legally compliant. Once compliant, those accredited brands can display the
Ethical Clothing Australia trademark on their Australian-made products, providing
consumers and buyers with a way to identify and support ethical Australian-made products.