Dispute about Exploitation of Outworkers by Lifestyle Australia Pty Ltd Continues

10-Sep-2014 Lifestyle Australia Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of promotional clothing and goods in Queensland, which has used outworkers to make its garments for many years. The TCFUA has been in dispute with Lifestyle Australia for many months about its alleged breach of the Award in relation to supply chain transparency and alleged exploitation of outworkers, who are not receiving minimum wages, minimum hours of work and other important entitlements, such as overtime, weekend and penalty rates, annual leave and sick leave. The dispute continues as Lifestyle Australia Pty Ltd denies that it has to apply the minimum standards of the industry and Australian employment law to its outworkers.

We are campaigning to get Lifestyle to treat all its workers (factory and outworkers) fairly. Act now and email Anthony Petterwood, Director of Lifestyle Australia Pty Ltd (anthony@lifestyleaustralia.com.au), asking them to resolve the dispute with the union.