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We’ve had another win!  Our members jobs are safe until the end of August 2015.  The Workwear Group held a meeting at the Footscray factory and announced to employees that they have secured an order from Defence for 23,000 units which provides work for the site until end of August 2015. 

This gives the company more time to explore options to keep the factory open, and gives us more time to promote the campaign to save TCFUA members jobs. 

Unfortunately the jobs are still not 100% secure as there may still be redundancy announcements if the company cannot secure work for September onwards.  We will continue to campaign to ensure that our members jobs are safe.

A huge thank you to all our supporters of the Our Gear, Make it Here campaign.  This outcome wouldn’t have occurred without your support, the hard work of the union movement and the support of some of our politicians.  We hope that we have more positive news to share with you soon.

In the meantime please keep the pressure up and help us collect more signatories for the petition