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One in three Australian women will experience domestic violence. It's a staggering and frightening number. 

Over 1.6 million workers now have access to paid domestic violence leave in union negotiated workplace agreements. Paid domestic violence leave recognises that employees experiencing domestic violence can least afford to take unpaid leave at a time when financial security is critical.

It's time that paid domestic violence leave was made a universal entitlement for Australian workers. That is why Australian Unions are pushing to have domestic violence leave included in all awards.

Visit the Australian Unions Campaign page to sign on to show your support for paid domestic violence leave.  

DV Leave Rally DV Leave Rally (539 KB)


At the direction of CUB, 55 workers were called to a meeting and informed without prior notice that they were terminated. The workers were then ‘invited’ to reapply for their jobs with a company called Catalyst Recruitment, which is in the Programmed/Skilled Group. The invitation to apply for a job:

  • came with no guarantees;
  • would be on individual contracts; 
  • would be covered by a barely compliant non-union EBA;
  • would result in in a massive loss of terms and conditions, including an approximate 65% reduction in monetary entitlements.

CUB knew that their actions would not go down well with the workers or the ETU, so it had sneakily pre-organised the engagement of a company called "5 Star Electrical Services" to provide replacement workers, at rates that severely undercut the sacked workers. 

So CUB, just like Patricks during the Waterfront dispute, have rid itself of its committed union workers and the hard fought terms and conditions, and have replaced it with a temporary cheap non-union labour force. CUB and Programmed/Skilled are now trying to force the sacked workers to forego their work/life balance and existing hard fought terms and conditions, in order to “maybe” get some form of their job back. 

The 55 long-time and loyal CUB workers are holding firm against this unprovoked attack on their jobs and rights. Having had their livelihoods ripped away from them overnight, these workers have been left with no way to support their families or meet their commitments. 

This from a multi-national beer conglomerate that made $4.4 billion in operating profit in 2015 and whose CEO, Alan Clark, has estimated earnings of $62 million this year. 

These workers need our support to lend these workers a hand, to help get them through these tough times so they can continue to stand strong against CUB's. There is an important principle at stake in this fight, one that affects the security of all our jobs. 

Please help support these workers as they resist this attack on their rights - and on your rights.

You can show your solidarity with 55 Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) electricians and fitters who were sacked in a pre-meditated vicious attack on terms and conditions in the following ways:

1. Send a message to the company

Email Gary Woodburn, Director of Southern Operations, James Houston, Supply Director and C.U.B. Human Relations.

2. Sign the petition

Demand that the workers are reinstated on their original pay and conditions.

3. Boycott C.U.B. products, including these brands:

  • Victoria Bitter
  • VB Gold
  • Carlton Draught
  • Carlton Mid
  • Carlton Dry
  • Carlton Cold
  • Carlton Black
  • Cascade Pale Ale
  • Cascade Stout
  • Cascade Premium Light
  • Cascade Draught
  • Cascade Bitter
  • Crown Lager
  • Melbourne Bitter
  • Pure Blonde
  • Fosters
  • Light Ice
  • Matilda Bay
  • Redback Beer
  • Dogbolter Dark Ale
  • Alpha Pale Ale
  • Fat Yak
  • Lazy Yak
  • Great Northern Super Crisp
  • Power’s Gold
  • Reschs
  • Grolsch
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Peroni
  • Miller
  • Strongbow
  • Mercury
  • Bulmers
  • Redd’s Apple Ale 
  • Abbotsford Invalid Stout
  • Sheaf Stout

4. Make a donation to support the sacked workers

Deposit funds directly into the CUB Dispute bank account - BSB: 063-626 Account: 10629111

Description of deposit should be your membership number.

5. Visit the community protest

At the CUB Abbotsford site. Click here for a map of the location.

6. Buy a CUB Campaign hoodie

Available to order now in red or black from the ETU Shop